Friday, October 26, 2007 website update

It is important to keep building good content and I have posted my first page that has been created entirely from scratch (as opposed to using a template) using HTML and a WYSIWYG application (NVU). However, although I have used a template in the past I have used quite a lot of HTML as well to help create a pleasing appearance.

I needed to create a page where large photographs of cats could be viewed. My website page is quite narrow to accommodate all types of screen but this limits the size of photograph that can be published.

It is a continuing debate as to the ideal page size for a website. As monitors are getting larger and cheaper I guess that there is a drift towards a larger page. The ideal is probably a larger page with flexible page width so the text bunches up when the window is compressed.

Anyway, thumbnails on my website from now on will link to a page that is specially formated for the large image to show off the best cat photographs to maximum effect.

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