Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Hi, I'm back and I know no-one knows (yet...) but things are gradually changing and it's really thanks to 2 things.

Firstly, my determination to make this website work and earn some money to give away to cat charities. That would make me happy.

Secondly, a thanks to Ken Evoy the President of SiteSell and Site Build It (SBI). My site is an SBI site and without the SBI mentality and Search Engine optimization techniques I would not have achieved anything like I have.

The SBI mentality is very clear. It is not about quick fixes and fast bucks but creating quality content. This must be the way. It must be a long term objective, to achieve traffic. And the only way to get there in the long term is through quality as it endures longer than the quick fix stuff.

Essentially, in time (and I reckon the journey from starting a website to achieving an Alexa ranking of say 300,000 takes about 2 plus years or more) excellent content will keep visitors and get new visitors. The way the site looks (its "look and feel") although of some importance is much less important than the content - what the site says and does.

Look for example at Craigslist, a retro style website of enormous success. It is very functional and does it function.

This is (as they say) not a beauty parade. The most beautiful site doesn't win. The best site wins and the best site is the one with the best content as after all a website is something to read.

This blog is now about my journey to a successful website. I will no doubt look back with a smile. My target is to make £500 a month from the site.

I am currently ranked 648,ooo by Alexa and at one time it looked like going up (and it still might). But, you know, Alexa is not that accurate for sites ranked below 100,000 so not too much should be read into the figures if you are outside that figure.

I am also working on Page rank by slowly getting good inbound links from well ranked sites. This is a slow process as well and the inbound links that I have are not yet showing up in Alexa.