Monday, November 19, 2007

Cat Behaviour

Are you trying to make your cat behave the way you want her to behave? There are numerous instances of so called bad behavior in cats, like jumping up onto counters or going to the toilet in the wrong place.

Is this bad behavior? Is this normal cat behavior in the circumstances under which the cat finds herself? Is is just plain normal cat behavior? Is it a reflection of the human companion's behavior?

Can a cat ever behave badly when all she does is behave instinctively under the circumstances?

Can a human ever behave badly?

Who is at fault if a cat behaves badly in our eyes?

Are feral cats a nuisance? Who created feral cats?

Does breeding cats exacerbate the feral cat problem? Who is responsible for breeding cats?

Do cats complain about bad conditions or do they just quietly walk and find somewhere better?

Do you like people who complain or who just get on with it and walk if they don't like the company?

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