Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Website Update

I am pleased to announce (no one is reading this so the word 'announce' is very pompous) that Yahoo has listed my website's "index" page "pictures-of-cats" at number 2 in a search using the keyword phrase "pictures of cats". Google lists the same term 22. The Google ranking is rising because of the Yahoo ranking.

This caused a recent increase in traffic, which is pleasing. The index page is often the hardest to get listed high on search results because the keyword is often less specific and more competitive.

Anyway this increase in traffic may arrest a gradual falling back from my Alexa "high water mark" of 604,000 which has slumped to 640,000. It's these things that us nutters who run websites get obsessed about - quite sad really, but it keeps me out of trouble.

As I am currently getting more traffic it is time to get some more adsense and other monetizing things on the site


  1. This is great news, Michael. I know your dream is to have the website generate enough interest to get advertisers to sign up and thereby create some monies to donate to organizations that will benefit cats in the poorer countries around the world. I am behind you 100 percent. And that is also why I have donated my images to your website!