Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Cat Breeders are usually women - discuss....

There is a division between the type of person who likes cats and the type who like dogs. The answer as to what type of human prefers which pet lies in the characteristics of the cat and the dog.

Dogs are pack animals. There is a hierarchy in a group of dogs. As a pet the dog looks up to the top dog, the human keeper or "owner". If the human cannot convey the impression of being top dog the dog will become top dog and if the dog is a large one and potentially violent you have the makings of a disaster.

Dogs will look to you to go for a walk together. Dogs are trainable because they look up to the human as boss and do as thay are told.

Cats are not essentially pack animals. When she goes out she does so alone and doesn't want you along. She reverts to her wild cat state alone at night stalking prey. Once she is back home she is becomes the kitten-like pet dependent on you.

The person who prefers dogs will be pack orientated. That frequently means the male of the human species as he is the one who hunts in packs (going back to cave man and we are still essentially cave men)

The female can be more of an individual having been assigned the nurture home building role. She prefers animals like her - cats.

She also likes to play mother and there is a lot of mothering to do in a cattery.

Photograph reproduced under creative commons copyright radio-diablo Flickr

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