Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monkeys have better memories than undergraduates

"Look you dummy, I'll show you one more time how to tie that knot.."

I've been hammering away saying that in many areas other animals are smarter or better equipped than us and that as a result we should ensure that we respect all animals. We don't know enough about them. We are still learning.

I have written about some of the cat's skills and physiological attributes on this Blog. Recent scientific tests have established that Chimpanzees (some people living in London eat Chimpanzees as a delicacy, it's called bushmeat) have better memories than university undergraduates.

Tests were carried out in which humans and chimps were asked to remember the position on a screen where a particular number from 1-9 came from that had flashed up. The young chimps beat smart humans.

This is the first time that it has been demonstrated that young chimps have a better memory capability for numbers than us.

Cats obviously can't do this (maybe they can actually - we just don't know). We do know that cats have much higher levels of smell, hearing and with their whiskers a kind of radar. They can jump much higher than us and run faster. I could go on. They deserve out respect.

Photograph reproduced under creative commons copyright anzaq78 Flickr

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