Friday, January 30, 2009

Cat and Animal Rights

I am continually surprised at the strong and contrasting views of people on the matter of cat and animal rights. I include cats separately in that phrase as they are my particular area of concern. The astonishing thing is that these diverging views often come from people who love animals equally.

Take, for example, cat breeders. They are all (perhaps not all) up in arms about HSUS's 100 point agenda that has been submitted to the new US administration. HSUS see a chance for real change. They supported Obama in his campaign and want pay back. They probably know that Obama is animal friendly expressed in an almost opposite way to former president Bush whose policy seemed to go against animals and animal rights despite proclaiming his fondness for dogs. Breeders are forming up for a fight to the bitter end to prevent any change in legislation that takes away their inalienable property rights. That is their rights over their cats (and dogs). It is surprising the number of cat breeders who see an increase in animal rights as a decrease in their rights.

Why should an increase in the rights of a cat be against their rights? They should be in harmony. The false perception comes from human kinds arrogance in his/her belief that he/she is superior to other animals and can ultimately do as they please with other animals no matter how much they proclaim that they love them and would do anything for them.

I'll be discussing the HSUS 100 point plan later.

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