Monday, February 9, 2009

My Cat Leaves When I Go To Bed

I don't suppose you want to know an oh so intimate secret as to why my cat leaves when I go to bed, do you. Well she is on the bed usually. That is her spot. She stays there most of the day being old and all. Cats sleep 70% of the time. For Binnie it is nearer 80%+ I guess. She sleeps at the base of the bed.

When I turn the lights out, she gets off as good as clockwork because she has gotten tired of being kicked all night. When I dream I move my legs. She gets pushed around at the base of the bed. She decided enough was enough. When I get up she comes back on. She is always going in the opposite direction to me actually. When I come in she goes out and when I go out she wants to come in...etc..etc...

My Cat Leaves When I Go To Bed to Cats are Smart

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