Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Persian Cat Flower Eater

Flower Eater
Originally uploaded by Ⅿeagan
Yes, this is a Persian cat flower eater and this photo made me smile. A photo that makes a person smile is a good photo; cat photo or otherwise. I like this photograph because it shows us how dangerously cats live sometimes. They do things that we see as dangerous but they don't know it.

They extricate themselves from dangerous situations by their athleticism and excellent senses. That is why they have nine lives.

This photo seems to have three major parts. On the left are the stalks of the plants, stiff and upright. On the right is the flowing texture of a Persian cat's fur. They have the longest fur of all the purebred cats, which makes them more or less obligatory indoor cats as the fur picks up all kinds of stuff outside. In the middle is a blob that is the cat's face and attached to this blob is a mouth about to munch through the leaf of a plant.

Is the plant safe to eat? Some aren't and that includes house plants. But, the photographer is sure things are alright. But does he or she? Just after the photograph was taken the cat pulled the vase over and spilled the water in it.

The photographer must have been very intent on getting the photo. You got it! Well done.

I like the lack of colour too. It makes us focus on the texture and design and the mouth. That mouth will haunt me! :)

From what I can see of the cat it is a traditional Persian cat. The better more natural type with a more normal face. And this cat seems to be a smoke - a coat colour that is darker at the tips and lighter at the base. But I could be wrong.

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  1. My cats love to eat flowers and house-plants. They are both house-cats and since I am avid grower of house-plants I have to keep the plants in rooms that are off limits to the cats (bathroom, bedrooms).

    I really wish the cats would learn not to try to eat plants. Never mind!

  2. Plant eating is a substitute for grass eating sometimes. You can get grass trays (indoor grass) I think or supervise a trip outside.

    Cats need some grass or vegetation as it is part of a wildcats natural diet.