Friday, February 19, 2010

Tabby Theatre Cat

Chihiro in the Theatre
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This photograph looks as though it is of a tabby theatre cat but it is not. It's Giane Portal being very clever in her photography. The cat though is a beautiful mackerel tabby cat looking confidently into the camera. The depth of focus is very narrow which throws the background out of focus producing the very simple geometric shapes and the impression that Chihiro (the name of this adorable cat) is behind a curtain about to come on stage.

When I think of theatre cats I think of the Moscow Cat Theatre. This is a well known show in which cats do acrobatic stunts. But, and I will be honest, I don't like it. It looks a bit cheap and Russian, a bit tacky. Plus the cats look as though they are having a hard time of it.

I understand that they are well treated etc. but I don't think we should train cats to perform tricks for an audience. Maybe I am being old fashioned and a prude, I don't know.

Another theatre cat was a cat called Gus. Is he the name of a cat in the show "Cats"? Not sure but in any event that does not qualify as we are talking about cats not humans pretending to be cats.

No I may be getting confused. I am thinking of the poem by TS Eliot called Gus The Theatre Cat.

Whatever, cats used to be not uncommon in theatres as working cats to help keep the rodents down. You can see rodents including rats being very possible and troublesome in large old theatre buildings.

Chihiro is a rescue cat as far as I am aware. He has a perfect face and body shape I feel for a domestic cat - absolutely classic in appearance.

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