Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Daria an F2 Savannah kitten from A1 Savannahs

This is a fine F2 Savannah kitten that I photographed at the home of A1 Savannahs yesterday, 18th May 2010.

He already has a new human companion and the photo was taken to provide the new owner with a photo before the cat was shipped out.

Daria was very inquisitive and found this cat toy tunnel. It was dark outside the house and tungsten light inside. So I used an on-camera flash which is not usually a good source of light but the walls of the tunnel, I think, helped a lot to create an interesting photo.

It always difficult to create something a bit different. Adult F2 Savannah cats are smart and active. They are very loyal to their human companion. They like the human companion to be around so it is only fair that the owner is around.

On that basis new F2 Savannah cat owners should not, ideally, be working full-time or away from home. Perhaps the best human companion would be a person who is retired and able to devote a large part of the day their gorgeous Savannah cat.

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