Thursday, November 17, 2011

Amazing Cat Facts

There are many amazing cat facts. Some of the most amazing relate to the cat's senses and skills. For example, if humans had eyes of a comparable size to those of the cat they would be 8 inches in diameter. The cat's eyes are 6 times more sensitive to low level light than ours.. This allows the cat to hunt at dawn and dusk, the domestic cat's preferred times. Here is  a poster that sets out some general amazing cat facts.

Poster by Ruth

A cat's whiskers are so sensitive they can detect air currents. Cats can detect the beginning of an earthquake! It is not known how this happens but cats have acute senses. Kathy gives an example of ow her cat predicted the Illinois earthquake: My Cat Sensed Forthcoming Illinois Earthquake.

Read about some amazing cat facts to do with a cat's senses. Cats can predict death. Remember Oscar?

There so many cat facts pages on PoC I had forgotten about them until I searched! Here is one: 50 cat facts.

Americans spend $5 billion on holiday presents on their cat and dog companions. Read lots more Crazy Facts About Pet Ownership. The world's largest domestic cat is Magic:

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