Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bengal Cat Peeing Everywhere

This has to be caused by stress or illness if the cat is litter trained and neutered or spayed, although cats will sometimes mark territory inside a home but that might be triggered by stress.

As to stress this might be caused by separation anxiety - the cat being left alone too long. If a Bengal cat is simply jumping onto your bed while you are out and peeing on it, I think this is a form of exaggerated scent exchange. The cat is making the surroundings more friendly to feel less stressed. Spraying to mark territory involves the cat projecting urine on vertical surfaces.

Bengal cat jumping. Bengals need activity.
Photo by Nacho y Adriana

As to illness, urinary tract infections are pretty commonplace and cystitis, for example, can cause a cat to want to urinate frequently leaving small drops in strange places.  The urine may be bloody. You can see this. The difference is that the cat leaves small amounts whereas peeing on the bed due to stress will probably be full blown peeing. The bed might be chosen because it is the one item in the house that most smells of the cat's human caretaker.

The answer is to check for health first and then ask, "what am I doing to stress out my cat?" Bengal cats are intelligent and active. Keeping a Bengal cat in an apartment could cause stress as they are not a suitable cat breed for confined living.

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