Monday, November 14, 2011

Fat cats are cheaper than slim cats

It is hard to place a value on the non-purebred domestic cat. The only way is to check out the charges for adoption at cat shelters. This is not really a price for a cat or a value of the cat but it is as near as we can get.

The Capital Area Humane Society in Hilliard, Ohio, charges less if you adopt a fat cat than a normal sized cat. They even do a buy 2 get one free type promo!

The normal "price" is $70. Fat cats can be adopted for $15, a substantial saving. And two fat cat adoptions are priced at $20.

I praise them for this idea as it might save lives. However, the promotion shows that people don't like fat cats unless they are in videos and world champions!

There is also the important factor of health maintenance. Fat cats will normally cost more to maintain in respect of health. The extra cost will wipe out that precious $55 saving on "purchase"!

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