Thursday, December 8, 2011

Balinese Cat Picture

This is a Balinese cat photograph by Helmi Flick, the well known professional cat photographer in the United States. This particular cat, almost certainly a fine show quality cat, is what I would call a modern Balinese, meaning it has a slender body or in cat fancy language "oriental" in shape. There are also traditional Balinese cats, just as there are traditional Siamese cats, which are less slender.

The Balinese is a semi-long haired modern Siamese cat. The long hair of this cat breed is quite different to, for example, the Maine Coon or the Persian. As you can see the fur lies close to the body and is silky and fine. This cat's coat is easy to maintain in comparison to a Persian. The tail of this cat is special as it is beautifully plumed. The Balinese is shown in the pointed category in all divisions on the show circuit. Balinese cats make sweet and loyal companions. Click here to read and see more.

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