Friday, December 16, 2011

Korat Cat Picture

Korat cat - photo by Nick Hodges

The silvery-blue coat of the Korat and the green eyes can be seen in Nick's photograph. Both these qualities are fixed for this breed of cat. The coat is fine and lies close to the body. This means easy grooming. Perhaps the first mention of this ancient cat is from the Cat Book Poems (1350-1767), which describes a cat from the Korat region of Thailand. The area is a remote high plateau in the northeast of the country. Importation to the West possibly occurred in the 1880s as a solid colored Siamese cat. At that time Siamese cats were also new to the West. Gloria Stephens, a former cat show judge and author, says that they are sweet natured and good with children but remember character is more about individual cats. Dr. Fogle (Encylopedia of the Cat) calls them "opinionated"! On the basis that Helmi Flick had not photographed on at the time of bulding this site, I would say that they are relatively rare - certainly not mainstream. Click on this link to see more.

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