Thursday, December 22, 2011

Napoleon Cat Picture

Napoleon dwarf cat

A cute Helmi Flick Napoleon cat picture. The Napoleon is another one of the dwarf cats. There is a large group of 13 in all. This cute little cat is a hybrid; a cross between the founding dwarf cat, the Munchkin, and cats from the Persian group: Persians, Himalayans (pointed Persian) and Exotic Shorthair (shorthaired Persian). The Napoleon should have moderate head shape and appearance meaning along the lines of the traditional Persian. As the Munchkin has a nice sociable character and the cats of the Persian group are also sweet cats the Napoleon has a excellent character for a domestic cat. Extreme flat-faced Napoleon cats will not be to "type" meaning they will not have the correct appearance. The Napoleon is a rare cat breed. Despite their cute appearance and short legs they are athletic and strong.

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