Monday, December 26, 2011

Russian Blue Picture

An impressive Russian Blue picture by Helmi Flick. The Russian Blue is a reserved cat. Except for the color of its coat it is very different in appearance to the European blue cats: the blue British Shorthair and the French Chartreux (which has to be blue like the Russian Blue). This Russian cat is one of the grey cat breeds.

The Russian Blue originates from the North Russian sea port of Archangel. It is not far from Finland. The coat is understandably dense for excellent insulation. The coat has a distinct feel. The plush dense coat of the Brit SH has a similar feel I suspect. It appears that the Russian Blue goes back a long way in Britain as they were mentioned in a book written by the founder of the cat fancy, Harrison Weir. The book was published in 1893. That is at the beginning of the cat fancy. It is thought that the first cats of this breed in the West were shipped over as ship's cats from Archangel in the 1860s. The eyes of this cat are green. The longhaired Russian Blue is the glamorous and rare Nebelung. Read and see more.....


  1. We have a stray cat that we have been feeding. We did not know she was a female, and consequently she has had five adorable grey haired blue eyed kittens. She resembles the Russian Blue except her eyes are a more yellow green and her kittens eyes and beginning to turn more her color. Is it likely that they are Russian Blues as well?

    1. Hello. Thanks for asking. The first question is whether your stray cat is a Russian Blue. To be honest, as she was a stray cat, it is possibly more likely that she is a beautiful random red cat and not a purebred cat but I can't be certain of that because sometimes purebred cats can become stray cats. So, if she is a Russian Blue it is likely that she has mated with a random bred cat so her kittens will be "Russian Blue Mix" cats meaning one removed from purebred.

      My feeling is that the mother is a beautiful looking grey random bred cat and her kittens are also random bred but that does not make them any less important, beautiful or valuable. Thank you once again for commenting and asking.