Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Scottish Fold Picture

A strong, statuesque, Scottish Fold picture by Helmi Flick. This is a fantastic looking bicolor cat. The cute, owl-like, appearance is what endears people to the Scottish Fold. Although the founding cat came from Scotland, UK, development of the breed blended American and British Shorthair cats. Except for the ears, the appearance today is similar to the British Shorthair. There is that semi-cobby body and square, solid face. You'll see short and long haired Scottish Folds. Kittens are born with straight ears. Between 13 and 23 days of age the ears begin to fold. Not all the kittens in a litter will develop the folded ear flaps (pinnae). There is a downside to the interesting appearance. The dominant gene that alters the formation of cartilage in the ears may affect cartilage growth in other parts of the body such as around the cat's joints. The feet can also be affected. Sometimes the unwanted defects can show up at aged 5+. There would seem to be a dispute whether you can breed Scottish Fold to Scottish Fold for these health reasons. Read and see more....

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