Monday, July 14, 2014

Facebook Animal Cruelty Photographs

Am I the only one who has become resistant to looking at shocking photographs of animal abuse on Facebook?  When I visit the site searching for cats it takes me to a column of animal photographs of various kinds, some of which are cute and some are funny, but interspersed between the cute and funny is the horror of extremely cruel images of animal abuse from far-off countries.

As I said, I am becoming or have become resistant to them which means I don't like to look at them. I don't think it does any good actually to constantly show them because there's not a lot we can do about it other than donate money to animal rescue centres in the places where the cruelty takes place and spread the word about the good work they do.

Set against that, looking at these pictures, which I now avoid, a person becomes inured to the cruelty or the images remain in one's head which makes life worse.  That is something to avoid.

I wonder whether Facebook should do something about this.  These big websites seem to allow anything.  It's carte blanche, do as you please. All they are concerned about is getting more and more people to visit and say something.

Do you think it's a good thing to show nasty pictures of cruel animal abuse in order to highlight it or do you think there are some downsides to this which should be addressed?

Cat Cruelty on PoC



  1. There is no need to "highlight it", just as there's no need for your link. I am not going to click it, just as I'm happier w/o Facebook. Facebook won't show breastfeeding pics, but will show animal cruelty? Disgusting.

    1. I think we have to discuss cat and animal cruelty in order to highlight it and try and stop it but it should be words only and the words should be carefully chosen. That is point I am trying to make. It is the images that are inappropriate not the words.

  2. We can sign here to try to stop FB from posting animal torture pictures: