Friday, July 11, 2014

FIV Positive Declawed Cats Are Vulnerable to Life Threatening Infections

This is an instructive story from the Paw Project-Utah.  The story concerns a cute and beautiful long-haired tabby cat whose name is Jules. Jules is a declawed cat (front declawed). He was treated by Paw Project-Utah to remove two bone fragments left behind after the declaw operation. It is not uncommon for this rather crude and I say botched operation (by design) to leave bone shards in the paw which can become infected and develop abscesses.

Jules a declawed cat with FIV

Sadly, Jules is also FIV positive, which compromises his immune system.  If you combine a bacterial infection in the paws with a weakened immune system you can see where it might lead: a potentially very serious health situation which could be fatal under certain circumstances.

Paw Project-Utah were able to raise money quite easily for the operation; in fact, within 72 hours which indicates a wonderful base of supporters against declawing.

Jules's story indicates to us that there are many possible complications and side-effects, some of which are unforeseen, to the declaw operation.  I hope people take heed of this instructive story.


  1. The Paw Project are doing wonderful work, it's just a pity they can't help all declawed cats, there must be millions living in pain from declawing complications. I hope Jules can have some quality of life now that his paws are repaired, bad enough being FIV positive but having painful paws too was so awful for him. There are enough dangers to cats already without vets deliberately crippling them too.

    1. Thanks for commenting Ruth. I see this as another complication of declawing. There are so many. People don't realise it. It is hard to get the word out. I admire Dr Doub immensely.