Sunday, July 13, 2014

FROM DR. ALLAN SIMON, Co-Director of Paw Project-New York

DR. ALLAN SIMON, is Co-Director of Paw Project-New York and a member of the AVMA. He says this:

"It will be obvious to all that the AVMA is on the wrong side of this declaw debate. This may harm the AVMA`s standing nationwide, which in turn may harm its members.... When the majority of cat owners realize that they have been mislead by their favorite veterinarian, they may change vets or look at veterinarians in a negative light. What will the AVMA do when 60 Minutes, Oprah, etc do a piece on the pain and other issues that cats may have for the rest of their lives after being declawed? What happens when the evidence is presented and the AVMA is asked to respond? Not a pretty picture!! What happens when veterinarians are attacked again by the news media, this time picturing them, and with good cause, as being cruel to cats...? I think that most people will not want to hear the AVMA`s canned response. Come on AVMA! Step up before the damage is done."

Is this a hint of dissent within the ranks of the AVMA?

The AVMA already looks foolish and unscrupulous in supporting declawing. They support it by failing to decry and denounce it. The AVMA leaves the door open to their vet members to declaw and the vets like it and demand it even though it is in clear conflict with their oath and principles. The door should be slammed shut if integrity is to be returned to the veterinary profession in America. It is time to ban declawing in America.

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  1. This is good news! A member of the AVMA coming out against declawing! Surely now the other members will have to take a stand too, or as you say Michael, look foolish and unscrupulous.