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Some pros and cons of pet health insurance

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Are banks doing enough for animal welfare?

The question that I have is whether high street banks, the big banks in any country, are doing enough for animal welfare by donating to, for example, animal shelters or conservationists and campaign groups fighting for improvements in wildlife welfare. There's lots of options for a bank to donate even a small sum relative to their overall income to improve the plight of persecuted wildlife. It's a topic of major concern nowadays because of the coronavirus pandemic. People have been switched on to the need to respect nature because it is believed that the pandemic originated in a wet market in China where the workers disrespected nature. This allowed the disease to spread from a wild animal to a person and then to many more people. Corporate giving clipart in the public domain (deemed). Corporate donations to charity is probably quite a tricky discussion for directors of these big businesses. I have no idea whether they discuss it at all. But I would have thought that it would b

Super cute dwarf kitten video

This is a super-cute short video of a super-cute tabby dwarf kitten wandering around a hard floor. It doesn't get much cuter except the music is not particularly great as far as I am concerned. Please remember by the way that this sort of video can stop working after a while because they get pulled from the website of origin which in this case is Pinterest. You have to think about the more serious aspects of what looks like a totally innocent video. I'm referring to the fact that the breeding of dwarf cats is questionable. I know that the breeders do all they can to be healthy cats but dwarf cats can inherit a couple of known genetic illnesses . If you breed cats with that potential then you shouldn't do it in my opinion. The Germans would agree with me because they call it "torture breeding". Also, although it's very cute for a cat to have very short legs it goes against nature. Who cares about nature? Well, a lot of people do especially nowadays with the

Ultimate cat climbs Christmas tree video

Maybe this is the ultimate cat climbing a Christmas tree video. He is so accomplised but what happened after the video stopped? How much of the tree was destroyed?! I would have liked to have seen a bit more; to have seen how he got there and how he got off.  Ginger tabby cat enjoys his bit of fun. Screenshot. I wonder whether her was put on the tree for the cameras? It kind of looks like that because I don't think he would have got up there without destroying something below which would have stopped him proceeding unless his owner didn't mind the Christmas tree being destroyed!  It's a cute little video though and re-emphhasises the fascination that domestic cats have with Christmas trees and which is why you can buy them which are cat-proof. They have the lower branches cut off or missing so they look a bit like umbrellas .  They don't look very good but they reduce anxiety levels in cat owners. On a more serious note, during the Christmas season of 2019 a man in John