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THE LINE: Is there a place for the domestic cat in the city of the future?

Saudi Arabia has proposed an incredibly impressive and entirely novel city of the future called THE LINE. It is a city compressed into a line 170 km long, 500 m tall and 200 m wide, sandwiched between mirrored glass. Inside is entirely futuristic with entire communities provided for. It is a 'civilisational revolution that puts humans first' according to the designers.  But is there a place in this world for domestic cats? Clearly, they are all going to be full-time indoor cats but of course the indoors is amazing. This is a city enclosed by apparently glass which reflects the harsh sunlight in Saudi Arabia. Inside THE LINE. Of course, the country has the money to build this and it is going to be incredibly expensive (trillions of dollars). The video starts off with compressing the horizontal nature of cities into a much tighter but vertical space which appears to be the underlying modus operandi of this development. It is in preparation for a time when there isn't enough s

When your cat crashes his bicycle in his dream

  We often see cats dreaming in online videos. They twitch and their legs move slightly but this cat has certainly 'crashed'. Something big happened. I feel sorry for him. It seems that cat dreams/nightmares are very similar to human's. And the reason for dreams is probably exactly the same which, in my view, is to get rid of anxieties that have developed during the day. To flush the brain of daily acquired anxieties.