Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Forest Fires Update

I'm still getting emails on the forest fires. I call these "on the ground" updates from those "ordinary folk" who are living through the fires. It seems that the news service and reporting to senior people who are making the announcements are not that accurate. That may be because of a certain amount of confusion that must accompany such an event plus the usual exaggerations.

Anyway 600,000 people have been evacuated just in San Diego county. But there may be better things on the horizon as the winds are changing and the humidity is going up - vital as it's the dry Santa Ana winds that fan the flames.

Off shore damp breezes are raising the humidity. The downside is that the air quality is getting worse as at least the fast moving dry winds moved the air along.

The evacuees are being well looked after on all accounts and the President is visiting! I have a feeling that the corner has been turned and things will gradually get better for the people, pets and wild animals.

The photo is courtesy Creative Commons Credit: by kowitz

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