Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Forest Fires

There has been a lot of news about the Southern Californian Forest Fires. I am a member of a number of Yahoo cat breeder groups. There is a lot of correspondence on the fires and its impact on their cats. There are a lot of frightened cats (and other animals) as well as humans in Southern California.

Of course for most humans, humans come first in terms of safety in this difficult time. But being a mad cat lover that I am I feel for the cats, who don't really know what it going on and who will have the instinct to hide and run.

There are instances of cats and dogs being left behind after people abandon their homes in the face of the oncoming fires driven by the 100 mph Santa Ana winds which apparently come at thus time of year.

California is a rich state so I would expect the support to be of the highest calibre. But I have read (from people experiencing this first hand) that there has been a lack of co-ordination in the fire fighting. Don't know for sure if this is true though.

All I know is that there are plenty of frightened pets and cats in particular. One other thing - one of the Calif cat breeders was saying that the smoke and ash is blowing in a making it difficult even if there wasn't a pressing need to leave your home.

We in the UK are thinking about you and your cats and praying that you come through unscathed.

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