Thursday, October 25, 2007

Cat Mutilation

There is a serial cat killer/mutilator doing his evil work in San Antonio. Nine cats have been attacked and the person is at large.

I have heard of horses being attacked in a similar way. I have heard of cats being shot with air rifles. In the middle Ages black cats where burned at the stake with their witches. Am I right in saying that Jehovah Witnesses think that the cat is an embodiment of evil? I think this is true and the reason in part is because a cat washes her bottom herself. Religion is another story.

An attack like this must be due to a mental illness of some sort. Maybe brought on my drug abuse for example. Only humans can express anger through unprovoked violence against innocent victims.

Cats are reactive and they sometimes have to react to bad situations brought about by mankind. There are though a large body of good animal loving people in the world helping animals and cats.

For example, the problem with feral cats (another man made problem) is now it seems being dealt with more effectively by the trap, neuter release program that is run by an army of good hearted volunteers.

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