Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Celebrate the cat for her skills

Lets remind ourselves of the beautiful innate skills of our cats. Some people think of animals as lesser creatures. This leads them to thinking that hunting them (killing them for pleasure) is acceptable. No thought is given to the animals feelings, pain etc. when this happens.

Yet, as an example, the cat has many fabulous skills well beyond ours. Take her sense of smell. It's 14 times better than ours. She has a "device" called the Jacobson's Organ just behind her front teeth in the mouth which allows her to maximizes her sense of smell.

When a cat wants to get all she can of the odor she will open her mouth and suck in air to pass over the Jacobson's Organ and into her nose. This gives phenomenal smelling power.

Add to that, heightened senses in other areas and you have an animal that can sense earthquakes before any man made machine, for example.

Her whiskers are so sensitive that they can pick up minute air currents passing over them. This allows her to "see" in the dark. As she approaches an object that she can't see clearly, the air current around the object changes due to her presence. Her whiskers pick this up so she is able to recognize that the object is there.

These are just a few examples of the sensing power of a cat. We don't have these skills. Unfortunately, as we cannot readily see these skills in action we often fail to recognize their existence. This is a common failing of mankind. For example, if polluted air was colored pink we would stop polluting the air.

Education is the answer. If all people recognized a cat's extraordinary skills perhaps there would be more respect for her in certain quarters of the world. Lets love and celebrate our fellow creatures, particularly cats.

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