Monday, November 26, 2007

Bengal Proof Christmas Tree

Photo reproduced under creative commons (Flickr) copyright lyzadanger - see her photos at Flickr she's good.

How do you make you Christmas Tree Bengal Cat proof? Well actually Bengals are not that bad. They're ordinary domestic cats bred to be absolutely non challenging (non-aggressive). Yet Bengals are athletic, active and intelligent and that combination means that they can be more mischievous.

And of course they will like to see their very own special climbing tree going up with special balls on it to knock off. The Christmas tree could be made for some Bengals. One Bengal breeder apparently bolted the tree to the ceiling with cables!

Perhaps there are one or two things to think about. Bengals like water so if you have a real tree that you are watering make sure that you don't put any chemicals in the water as she may drink it.

A Bengal might like to climb a Christmas tree (lots of other breeds and moggies might like to as well). A large and heavy stand for the tree would make it more stable and stop it falling over - disaster on Christmas day to add to the stress of Christmas.

As for the decorations these really should be of the unbreakable type as a Bengal may like to knock them off. If you have hard floors that may break the decoration when they fall and subsequently injure your cat (and your bank balance :-)

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