Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Cat Amongst Giants

Photo copyright mackncat Webshots

In my last post I talked about little Timmy and his hug (scent exchange by rubbing against my legs). Of course Timmy would prefer to make face to face contact and exchange scent that way.

The trouble is that when Timmy enters my home he is entering the land of giant cats. I'm about 7 times taller than him. If humans were cats we would be looking up at a 42 foot giant. It amazes me that cats aren't terrified of us.

Anyway, because Timmy is a great leg rubber he also has a desire to rub face to face with me, particularly soon before he is about to get his fish. The route to a man's heart is his belly.

So, what does he do? He does a little hop on his hind legs when I lower my hand towards him. He head butts my hand with both front legs off the ground. That is Timmy's face to face greeting, or a near as possible he can get to it.

I find this very endearing and friendly from a cat who has come in from the cold. Occasionally he will exercise his athleticism (he's very wiry, long and supple) and jump on to a higher object and have another go at real face to face scent exchange.

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