Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cat Routines

We accept and reinforce cat routines all the time. You may have heard of cats and other animals that have great homing skills. Some cats, too, like to revert to the wild to some extent (of their own free will).

There is a danger that you can train your cat into bad habits. Well, not exactly bad habits, more like creating a rod to beat your own back, when it could be avoided (sometimes).

Take for example the Norwegian Forest cat who goes out every evening at six after a good nosh and then waits to be picked up on the roadside the next morning about 1.5 miles away. The humans oblige and a nice routine has set in.

I think this cat is going back to a place where he has been before with his previous human carer (the cat is a rescue cat called Podge).

Cats like comfort zones and routines (so do humans) and going back to your "roots" is understandable.

I just wonder if he would have come back of his own accord eventually if left to his own devices.

Nice story though and it demonstrates how cats learn routines particularly routines that are enjoyable and comfortable to the cat.

Cat routines to Pictures of Cats website

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