Saturday, November 24, 2007

GCCF Supreme Show 2007 - Part 3

I have a few more photographs from the GCCF Supreme Cat Show Nov.17 2007, that may warrant being reproduced on this blog website. Here they are with captions.

Picture above - Here is the vast expanse of the Show Hall at the NEC (Halls 16 and 17 I think). It could be argued that the space was too big but it gave a sense of theatre to the whole thing. Except as I have said I think there could have been more theatre at the show rings during the judging.

Picture above - This sort of things interests me (sad aren't I). Here is a competitor (the cat) in her luxury "hotel room", all mod cons including room service "on demand". In fact the cat has her own private maid/butler/driver and cook, who happens to be on permanent "stand by" about 3 feet away. She (the human) wiles away the hours before showing her cat by reading a book on cat genetics :-)

She is asleep within 5 minutes having just read about the "spotting gene". Her charge meanwhile is anxious to get into the show ring to earn another rosette to add to the copious number that already adorn her cage (err no hotel suite).

Picture above - A British Shorthair Bicolor looking at me as I poke my camera through his cage bars. "What the hell do you think you're doing Charlie boy....!" "Er sorry guv..just want to get a quick snap shot.." "Go on then... but make it quick and no flash". I like the chunky solid look of the Brit Shorthairs. Helmi Flick likes them too.

Picture above - Another fine tabby patterned British Shorthair looking suitably angelic behind her bars and on her oh so comfortable bedding. She could never do anything wrong.

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