Thursday, November 1, 2007

Human Nature

We cannot deny ourselves our natural human instincts but we can and should curb and control them on occasion.

On my website I write about exotic cats. These are rare cats such as the Savannah (a hybrid of wild cat and domestic cat) and the Serval (a tamed wild cat). Both require a highly responsible approach to caring from the human adopter.

These cats are tame and domesticated but in the case of the Serval she is a wild cat with all the usual wild cat instincts. This cat is active, alert, assertive and athletic. She is also much bigger than the usual domestic cat. Her diet is special. Her needs are special.

When a human becomes a carer of a Serval, a magnificent wild cat, the human must act in a highly responsible manner. The demands need to be well researched such as legalities (is it legal to "own" a Serval). Questions need to be asked etc. Questions need to be asked to yourself and honest answers given.

It can go wrong. I know breeders are very careful about the kind of person they deal with but mistakes can get made and I guess not all breeders are responsible either.

This is an example as to what can go wrong.

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