Sunday, November 18, 2007

Older cats

Shoveling cat sh*t can tell you a lot about your cat. Lets love and support our older cats. Older cats have a lot of benefits for human companions. Firstly, you may well have lived with your cat all her/his life so when she is old you know each other very well. There is a comfortable familiarity which makes for a nice relaxed relationship.

You know each others habits, likes dislikes. She knows when you get up and go to bed and what to do at those times.

You know the kind of food she likes and when she likes it. Hell, you know the most intimate things about her such as the quality of her sh*t. I know that's a bit rude but it's important.

I've been shoveling my darling girl's sh*t for 14 years or more. I know when she is healthy from its texture!! It's a great way to keep an eye on her health.

On the continent (Germany I think) they have different style toilets so the person can check on what they have produced as a way of monitoring health. Yes I know it's a bit gruesome but I can see the benefits.

Old cats are less energetic so are less demanding. They do less damage! A lot of old cats are found in rescue centers where they probably stay until put to sleep because people prefer kittens as they are cute.

Look for the character of the cat. This will always be more enduring than the way she looks.

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