Friday, November 23, 2007 website update

Another quick update on the progress or otherwise of my website Today I added two Amazon shop pages. I needed to write these pages using some free software (NVU - very good free download) to ensure that the page was wide enough to accept the Amazon shop (my site is quite narrow).

I think it is time to add a shop for 2 reasons:
  • Traffic is slowly climbing despite MSN totally dropping the site (if Google drop it it's over and out asta la vista baby - actually it wouldn't be over, I'd just press on until they came back and they would)
  • It may encourage some visitors to come back. This is important as 80% of my visitors are first and last timers.
I can see traffic climbing as I add pages but the search engines are slow. Alexa (traffic rank compiler) seems to swing around a bit too. It seems to lag a bit and it can mislead particularly if your site is ranked outside the 100,000, which 99.95% are!

I have languished on about 600,000 for about 1.5 months but hope to drop into the 500,000 area soon with a far wind, but can't bank on it.

I hope MSN will return soon too as that would give the site a boost, which is much needed.

I have also added some contextual Amazon links on two pages. You just add some script code to the page in question and Amazon adds links to certain words and phrases on the page automatically. The links lead to Amazon products. This is really cool as some companies demand that your site has 500,000 hits per month before they do this. You'd have to be traffic ranked about 10,000 to get those kind of hits. I am impressed with Amazon on this service.

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