Sunday, November 18, 2007


Ranking in this context means Alexa ranking. This blog I am surprised to say is ranked just over 4 million. I think that's not bad since very little SEO stuff has taken place. And it is so easy to add content to this blog as the HTML side works so well, such as uploading photographs. It is just delightfully easy. The ease encourages me to write something as I don't get bogged down with HTML stuff and formatting stuff.

Another thing about the Google Blogger that I love is the labels. You don't need a navbar as you just tag the article with a name that describes it and Google lists the labels in the left margin. It makes a navbar for you as you go along. Neat.

The biggest difficulty in building a visited website is creating enough good content. That takes time and making it easy to type an article is a great plus.

Pictures of Cats is doing OK but stalling as MS have gone a bit silly and totally wiped me of the face of the internet. I am totally unlisted by MSN but fortunately Yahoo and Google as still listing me so I still get found only my hits have fallen due to no MSN searches.

I emailed MSN and they "kind of" admitted that there was a problem and asked me to re-submit the site and they said wait 2 weeks or so and I should be listed again. I really don't think that this is my website that is wrong but the way that the searech engines change the algorithms. I don't blame them they as are always trying to improve the way the search works but for website builders it means that the goal posts are being moved.

The overriding point though is that the search engines want to find the best content so if you wan to be found make it good. On that basis I am going over some of my pages and upgrading them and see what happens.

Ranking to POC website POC American Curl

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