Saturday, November 3, 2007

Website building

Ken Envoy a very talented "white hat" search engine optimizer teaches us that you must be prepared to build traffic slowly based on sound website design. He's right.

Gradually, I am getting more traffic to my site. The traffic of course goes up and down sometimes for no apparent reason.

If you keep following Ken's advice you'll get there. The internet is very competitive and constantly changing so it is difficult to keep pace with it.

The bottom line to getting traffic will always be the quality of the content. People are ultimately looking for entertainment, shopping and information. My area is currently information. When traffic has built to a sufficient level I'll start to sell stuff and put more adsense on the site.

I'm actually making some money through adsense ($13 so far.....:-)). When I have the equivalent of £25 it is going to the Soi Dog Foundation (Soi Dogs of Thailand) a charity that helps feral dogs and cats that live around temples.

They are being forced to move their premises at great cost. Please help. This is their website address

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