Friday, November 9, 2007

A wild cat as a pet

The Serval is a wild cat. A fine cat of medium size in the wild in Africa, yet a large domestic pet. There is a particular fascination with wild cats. It is the appearance first and foremost that fascinates. Then there is the athleticism that impresses us. The picture adjacent is of a Serval Cat copyright Helmi Flick.

Some people take the step from admiration to adoption (or some might consider it "ownership"). Then you enter a whole new ball game.

As Helmi so eloquently says on my website, there are added responsibilities in caring for a tame wild animal such as a Serval cat. On this page of my website she talks about living with an F1 Chausie, which is a first generation wild cat/domestic hybrid. The same concerns and more relate to living with a tame wild cat.

Observing people's fascination with wild cats, why is that the population of wild cats is dying out due to mankind's activities?

The answer must be man's arrogance in believing that he/she owns the world and can own animals and do as he pleases. Arrogance is compounded by a lack of education in some (and no criticism is intended). This is a toxic combination. One day all people (not just a percentage) will see animals differently; as equal and different.

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