Thursday, January 29, 2009

Funding To Assist Low-Income Cat Owners

Two Senators in Washington have introduced Bills that provide for funding to assist low-income cat owners. The Senators are Craig Pridemore and State Rep. Brendan Williams. The Bill also provides for dog owners. I prefer cat keepers as I don't believe that we own animals. The assistance would be for funding to pay for spaying and neutering. The funding as I understand it would come from the consumer of pet food who would pay a fraction more. The extra cost would be passed on by the distributor to fund the scheme.

It has been predicted that the homeless cat problem will rise due to financial hardship due to the current "credit crunch". The Senators require support to push the legislation through. Please contact your senator and representative in the Washington State Legislature. Funding to assist low-income cat owners is a good cause.

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