Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stray Cat Pecking Order

Pippa on top of the microwave out of trouble. I call it the mezzanine floor.

There is a definite stray cat pecking order in this household. I don't need to read up about it as it's right in my face. Timmy is the alpha boy. Not surprising when you look at his face in the header photo. My Binnie probably doesn't like this too much (which actually worries me a bit) and seems to take it out on Pippa, who is the smallest of the three strays. Of course Binnie is no longer a stray but was found as a stray.

For example, this morning, while I am typing this, Binnie had a go at Pippa for no apparent reason. I hear the usual noise and growling and have to split the cat fight up. Pippa being a lot smaller than Binnie hides under something to protect herself and when I tell Binnie to lay off she does (which is pleasing!). Who said you couldn't train cats.

Pippa actually lives next door in a very large and expensive house in a relatively posh part of London, so why she wants to stray into my modest home is anyone's guess. She is what I would call a time share cat. Perhaps she just wants to have a change of scenery. Or perhaps the company and food is better here. Unfortunately the cat company isn't that good as Binnie terrorizes her, which will probably result in Pippa staying away. She has though found a way of dealing with it all, she lives on top of the microwave in the kitchen. She has been there all night.

The stray cat peeking order is alive and well and I am the top cat.....

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