Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three Stray Cats

Binnie Do AKA Judders a sweet natured and gentle cat - the first of my three stray cats.

Yes, I have three stray cats. Well not quite. "My cat", Binnie (aka Binnie Do or Judds) was a stray cat back in 1992-3. She was wandering around Notting Hill Gate, London, on a very cold November night. She was under a car outside my home, which wasn't far from the main road. She peeked out from under the car, looked up as I walked by. I talked to her and her tail shook, actually it looked like it juddered. She has always done that when excited. Well one thing led to another. And we got to know each other. I remember, as it was freezing that night, I put some food out in a vestibule in the basement and next to the food, I put a freshly boiled kettle of hot water to warm the area up a little. I went to bed and the food was gone the next day. And so the journey together began.

At the time we had two cats, a boy and a girl. Eventually Binnie came in the house and sort of lived on top of the dinning room table to feel safe. But the other two were perfectly behaved. Before long they were eating together amicably. Binnie was the first of my three stray cats. We have moved around together a lot since those times, from London, to a place called Radlett then St. Albans and back to London. She is a gentle cat. She hates new people particularly men. She likes her food. She caught her first mouse at the age of 15! She didn't eat it, just looked at it proudly and exhausted.

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