Thursday, February 18, 2010

Flat Faced Tortoiseshell Persian Cat

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I really like this interesting photograph of a flat faced tortoiseshell Persian cat. We can't see the tortie colours (blacks and oranges) as it is in black and white but black and white improves the photograph. It becomes a picture of shapes, texture and an eye!

I love the shapes that the tortie pattern has formed when in black and white. It is like the cat is wearing a mask. And the long hair of the Persian cat is very apparent.

That flat face it very apparent too. This is a very controversial face. The cat fancy is really split about this sort of unnatural cat face. Yes, it is interesting and it has been around for a considerable time, about 50 years or so getting flatter and flatter until the breed standard says that is has to be flat or else!

I was asked today what to chose between a doll face and modern Persian "Ultra" type Persian. Answer: no decision. It must be the doll face.

Not to say that this cat is stunning in this photograph. It is a mile away from the classic show cat photograph taken by professionals because professionals have to show the whole cat cleanly and clearly as the client is the cat breeder and he or she wants to show off the cat's type (appearance).

This photo is more "artistic" to use a well worn word. A photographer can be more expansive and take more risks when taking a picture for the fun of it.

The expression on the Persian cat's face gets us inside the cat's head a bit I say. For that reason together with the design and composition it is a fine portrait of a flat faced tortoiseshell Persian cat.

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