Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Green eyed cat among the leaves

Among the leaves
Originally uploaded by fofurasfelinas
This is an exquisite photograph of a random bred (I presume) cat at a cat sanctuary in Brazil by the talented photographer, fofurasfelinas, here Flickr username. Here real name is Giane Portal.

I love the way the way the colour of the eyes match the colour of the leaves. And the way the cat is inquisitively looking at Giane as she takes the photograph.

This cat is a tabby cat. In fact on first glance this cat appears to be a special sort of tabby cat where there is little or no tabby pattern but a heavily ticked coat.

A ticked coat is one where the strands of hair are banded with yellow, black and clear fur. The black part of the fur appears to be at the top of the hair strands producing the dark colour down the spine.

The forehead has the classic "M" tabby mark. There are a lot of legends about how that mark was produced but they are just that legends and myths.

This cat looks quite like an Abyssinian cat in fact. I would doubt that there would be an Abyssinian cat in a cat sanctuary but it is possible.

The leaves look fresh green indicating that the photo was taken in Spring. But is this true? I have no idea.

This sanctuary is one that houses about 300 cats that have been rescued. The intention is not to rehome them but to look after them. Foz do Iguacu is right on the Argentinian border as far as I remember. And the place is named after a magnificent tourist attraction waterfall.

Nice place for a cat sanctuary.

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