Sunday, February 14, 2010

Real Cat Photography

Unnatural Shapes
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It is rare to see what I call real cat photography. Fofurasfelinas does real cat photography. Helmi Flick does as she is probably the best cat photographer anywhere and a professional but for an amateur and I will presume (perhaps incorrectly) that this photographer is an amateur to use strobe lights and a remote wireless shutter to photograph his cat (is it his cat?) that is impressive, very impressive.

Because of the care taken to produce the photograph and the lighting, it is an outstanding photograph.

It is the lighting that really achieves this. Ninety-nine percent and more of amateur photographs of any subject and especially of cats are taken in natural light.

It is just too fiddly and difficult to use strobe lights even if you know how to use them and most don't when photographing a cat, which moves quickly.

I really like the shadows that form great shapes in the background while the subject matter is in motion. It is dynamic and composed.

Great stuff. I might upload it to the home page of Pictures of Cats org because the colours match that site as well as it being a bloody good picture. See more real cat photography: Cat-Photo-Technique

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