Sunday, February 7, 2010

Traditional Siamese Cat Photograph

Here is a really nice traditional Siamese cat photograph. The "conformation" or body shape is absolutely classic old fashioned Siamese cat me. A far cry from the contemporary, rather odd look to be honest. For the life of me I do not understand how people can prefer the modern Siamese as it is simply less attractive and that is not just me talking.

I love the intent gaze and the vivid blue eyes. And what comes across very strongly in this photograph is the "mask" of the of the classic seal pointing. It really does look like a mask in this picture.

This cat immediately reminds me of the Siamese cats of the early 1900s and late 19th century at the time of the beginning of the cat fancy in London, England.

It is all about the overall shape of the body. This cat looks entirely natural, while the so called "refined" and elegant modern Siamese cat can never be said to be natural looking. Quite the contrary.

As this photo's caption is in French I presume that this cat is in France. I hardly ever talk about the French cat fancy or the Russian cat fancy or any other cat fancy other than the UK and the USA.

That is remiss of me as there is a lot happening in France but inevitably it is less than in England. Why? Why are the French less interested in cats or are they as interested? I don't know but I do know that a recent survey estimated that the domestic cat population in the UK was about 10.3 million as far as I remember. Number have continually risen over the years as the human population has risen. Cats are a fraction more numerous than dogs in the UK at early 2010 on this estimate.

What is the estimated domestic cat population of France? Well the website: says that as at 2006 the UK had 7.7m while France had 9.6m. I am not sure if that is accurate nor am I sure that the difference is the same today 2010.

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  1. My cat Jubilee looks like this. She is not a Pedigree, has Persian in her, but her voice is all Siamese. I completely agree with you--this cat is so much prettier than the modern Siamese. But the old Siamese turn darker as they age; I think that is why modern breeders tried to change the cat, and in doing so lost much of the original cat charm.