Friday, June 3, 2011

Kitty play

Kitty play by fofurasfelinas
Kitty play, a photo by fofurasfelinas on Flickr.
This excellent photo is by fofurasfelinas (Flickr name) - Giane Portal. It is part of her black and white cat images. Please note that the photo is protected by copyright. Giane has given me permission to use it. Please respect copyright.

Black and white photos of cats allow us to look more at the form of the cat. The design and composition of the photograph becomes more noticeable because the distraction of colour is removed. A lot of people like black and white photography for that reason.

About 40 years ago black and white photography was the default or standard photography. Photographing in colour was something you made a conscious decision to do.

I love the simplicity of the image expressing the gentleness, delicacy and vulnerability of the kitten. It has the right sort of feel for a photograph of a kitten.

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