Friday, November 18, 2011

American Bobtail Personality

by torbakhopper
Calm, intelligent and easy going, the American bobtail is a newish breed of cat so says Gloria Stephens in Legacy of the Cat (ISBN 0-8118-2910-3). This cat breed has also been described as friendly and inquisitive¹.

These are rather generic terms as most domestic cats are like this. Animal Planet states that this is a new or experimental breed and remarks that it is a developing breed. They say that the American bobtail is playful and friendly. This is quite an active and people orientated cat breed.

The America bobtail started in the 1960s so there was a long period of acceptance. This is not a wildcat hybrid, which has an influence of the personality of this cat breed.

I tend to pair this cat breed with the Pixie-bob, rightly or wrongly and the Pixie-bob is a very nice child friendly cat.

Note: (1) Encyclopedia of the Cat ISBN 978-1-4053-2149-5

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