Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pictures Of Top Five Cat Breeds

I have made up my mind about the top cat breeds. I have first class pictures of them. Here is the top six cat breeds in no particular order but my choice for the top breed is the Maine Coon. Yes, I decided to add one more...

Maine Coon cat - copyright Helmi Flick

Pictured: Best of Breed GC, BW, NW TABBEYRD MR KITE OF COONSKIN, Brown Tabby & White Maine Coon Male. As mentiond, I say the Maine Coon is the single most popular purebred cat. If not it is in the top five at least. I think everyone will agree with that. The MC is a large, pleasant long haired cat that is not particularly a lap cat but loyal and a good companion.

Bengal cat - copyright Helmi Flick

Active, intelligent cat with a very glamorous wildcat coat. The rosetted golden/brown you see here is the classic appearance but there are many other coat types including the blingy, high contrast silvers. Bengal cats for more. This is a wildcat hybrid but the cats that you will probably see are fifth generation from the wild and will not look very wild!

Ragdoll cat - photo by Dani

The Ragdoll is a large, very popular cat ideal for indoor living it is said but all cats are individuals and the well advertised laid back nature of this cat is a bit over played I suspect. It has all the attributes of a modern desirable purebred cat.

Traditional Persian - orange - Photo: Dani

Traditional Orange (Solid Red) Persian Cat Faolán - photograph copyright Dani Rozeboom - to see more on this cat go to this page and to see a page on Persian cats. The traditional Persian is more popular than the flat faced ultra Persian

Abyssinian Cat photo ©key lime pie (Anna Wiz)

This clever and athletic cat that gets your attention has to be in the top five purebred cat breeds. This cat is famous for its ticked coat. This photograph shows that well. I think this cat is a Ruddy or what breeders call "Usual". There are other coat types including; red, blue fawn and lilac.

Siamese cat - classic conformation.
Photo: by Brett Jordan

We have to include this famous cat breed that is still very popular. It has a long history and it has been selectively bred into three groups: Thai, traditional and modern. The traditional is best. Read more.

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