Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Siamese Cat Personality

The Siamese cat personality is almost as well known as its appearance. The Siamese is a very well known cat breed due to the breed's long history, early entry into the cat fancy and pointed appearance.

I'll quote four reliable sources on personality and character. Siamese cats are popular because they are energetic, playful, vocal and very sociable¹. The Siamese is known for its demanding attention seeking. The Siamese cat's voice is special. It can be loud and can have a demanding tone but this is what is attractive about this breed; you get plenty of interaction. The voice gets your attention, the object of the exercise. The Siamese cat's meow merges into a yowl.

Siamese cat in Siam - by xiffy

The Siamese cat is "an overly energetic, affectionate animal"². It is an intelligent cat and dog-like. You can leash train this cat. Siamese cats spray less than other breeds. The Siamese has a tendency towards wool sucking. It is known for this behavior. It usually lasts until sexual maturity but can continue for longer².

The Siamese cat personality is one of a "gregarious and chatty nature"³. Dr. Fogle also describes the Siamese as "energetically enterprising"³.

Please remember that associated breeds: Balinese (long haired Siamese), Oriental Shorthair and Longhair (modern Siamese with a range of coat types) have similar personalities. They are vocal "to the point of loudness"4. They like to sit on their human companion's lap or pillow! They are inquisitive and demanding but will be happy if you interact a lot.

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