Monday, December 5, 2011

American Curl Picture

This is a beautiful American Curl picture by the celebrated American cat photographer, Helmi Flick. Please respect her copyright. The American curl is a purebred cat of moderate appearance except for the ears, which curl backwards. This cat is neither cobby nor foreign. Any color or patten is acceptable by TICA and you will see long and short haired American Curls. For me this is a cat of regular appearance except for one part of the cat's anatomy.

The cat in the picture seems to have a dark tabby and white coat. At birth the ears are straight and then at about 2-10 days old they start to curl. There are rules on how to assess the degree of ear curl. They have to curl just right at 90-180 degrees of curl - but not touching the head or back of the ear - for the cat to be a show cat otherwise the cat becomes someone's pet or a breeding cat perhaps. This is an intelligent cat that likes being with her/his human companion. See another American Curl cat picture. Now see a gorgeous white American Curl in Japan. See also a full page on this cat.

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